About Us

What is G-Commerce?

ePost Caribbean Limited in partnership with The Gleaner Company (Media) Limited has created an online advertising platform called G-Commerce. This platform provides shoppers with the latest offers and deals from local, regional and international businesses. G-Commerce enables businesses to build their brand by selling their products using this platform.

Why advertise with us?

When you place an Advertisement with us, your static ad is converted into an interactive ad which allows customers to make purchases and receive communication including coupons with just one click. This gives your product dominance over the competition by converting your ads into a sale.

We Make Your Ads Shoppable!

Boost your campaigns with exclusive G-Commerce features:

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Grow your brand awareness and boost engagement with cross-channel competitions.


Lead Generation

Not getting high engagement on your emailers and (digital) communication pieces? Get FREE lead generation to help you immediately get clean contact information for people who engage with your content and are interested in your product/service.


Hot Pages

Sometimes you need more than a landing page to make that conversion. With a Hot Page you can combine text and imagery to deliver rich information to a high profile, nice clients who are interested in knowing more about your product/service before purchasing or starting a relationship with you.


Digital Coupons 

Sweeten the deal with Digital Coupons and gain valuable customer data.
Digital Coupons give your new and existing customers an incentive to purchase your products and services. When you customers make purchases on GCommerce, you can valuable customer data which allows you more control to grow and improve your CRM database.

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